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It is with a broken heart that we must inform our loyal customers that our father has been laid to rest. It has been a long and hard battle.
We appreciate all of your support and we would not have been able to fight for this long if not for your help.

We will continue our business in honor of our father. New things are coming in 2018 #FOROURFATHER


Past a year mark of his cancer spreading to his lungs. Unfortunately the cancer has now spread to his brain and kidneys. New treatments have started. We are remaining hopeful and strong for our father. As the saying goes, FUCK CANCER!



It is with a heavy heart that we must inform all of our loyal followers and customers that our father's battle with cancer has taken a turn for the worse.

For those of you who are new to our website. Sale proceeds from the sales on our site go towards our father's battle against cancer.

We have been waiting weeks for the biopsy to take place and we FINALLY received the results after waiting for over another week and the results are not good. Unfortunately the cancer has spread to his lungs. Treatments will be started shortly.

We are forever grateful for every single one of you who have purchased from us and have spread the word on our cause. We are remaining hopeful and strong for our father. As the saying goes, FUCK CANCER!





When you purchase from Esoteric Organics you're supporting a family member during his battle with oral cancer. 
Sale proceeds go to him, anything helps, and everything is greatly appreciated.
No one ever thinks it will happen to them until it does. We hear about it on the radio we see the commercials but when cancer hits someone you love, your life will never be the same. This is what happed to my father.
It all started with a toothache, something that we all could over look. After going to the dentist and getting some medication for the toothache, the pain never seemed to go away. One morning the pain was too much to handle and my father went to the emergency room. After the 12 hour wait in the ER, the attending doctor told my father that he needed to see a specialist. Made the appointment and went to see him. After the first exam the specialist stated they needed a biopsy to be sure of what it was.
The biopsy results came back from his left triangular retro-molar, and showed signs of cancer. Not only was it cancer it was squamous cancer, which is a fast growing cancer that grows and destroys rapidly. The results went to a medical board of specialist, surgeons and reconstructive surgeons that had to map out the long process of removal and reconstruction of the oral cavity.
The day we met the surgeons was a day that I will never forget. We were told that the cancer cells are growing downward into the body, similar as how a plant roots itself into the ground. The cancer has invaded the lower portion of the jaw, soft pallet, tongue & lymph nodes. The surgeon stated we will first split in half and remove the jaw to get to the cancer. Once the jaw is removed, all of the soft pallet, portions of bone and only a percentage of the tongue will be removed. The portions that were removed can be reconstructed from muscle tissue from the thigh. At this point surgery appointment was made and all we could do is wait.
The day of surgery. My father was checked in and this was the last time I hear him speak. We were told the surgery would last 8 hours or so. On the 8th hour, the surgeon calls out to the waiting room for us. I ask the surgeon if my father is alright, he stated that his vitals are strong, BUT the cancer had spread and grown. At this point to preserve your father’s life, we had to remove the entire tongue, all the soft pallet, both lymph nodes as well as alter his jaw a bit. There will be a long healing process which will change your father’s life forever.
Now we are moved into the recovery room after 13 hours of surgery. A tracheotomy was installed for breathing, and a feeding tube placed in the stomach. There was also a long wound from the waist to knee cap from where they pull the tissue to reconstruct the oral cavity. As horrible as all this sounds, my father was lucky that the cancer did not invade his throat, vocal cords or lungs, but he will need to have 24 hour supervision.

The long & slow process of healing can began. Radiation, chemotherapy, breathing therapy, & being fed through a tube are a part of his daily process. The surgeons are not sure if the trach or the feeding tube will ever be removed, since the tongue is the main part of us breathing & swallowing. Only time will tell if he will recover to where he can swallow water or even speak .

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