Purple Agate Druzy Weights


5/8” = 16mm

Product Details

1 Pair of stone weights will arrive in a cotton filled box. Size 5/8” (16mm) is the with a wearable size of the hanger or larger to wear.

Hanger portion is made from brass. Brass is not meant for long term wear. May oxidize under extreme conditions.

Saddle hanger 5/8” wide minimum

Length 3 5/8”

Width 1 1/2”

Weight is roughly 58 grams each.

This pair is one of a kind, and Ready to Ship. Since the stone used in this pair is one of a kind, this pair can not be reproduced due to the nature of the stone. The pair you see here, is the pair you will receive. 

If you would like a pair like this, please click here and we will see if we are able to get more stone like this.

Please ask any questions you have before ordering, and make sure you have ordered the correct plug size, gem size and wearable size of plugs. Due to hygiene reasons, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.


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